Recently I went to visit a clearnet site "deepdotweb" and was met with a seizure notice. Not surprisng. Anyway I got to poking around a bit more and it seems like there is a bit of chaos going on in regards to the .onion marketplaces and such....ddos, extortion, exit scam, seizure heating up just in time for summer.

I downloaded tor browser on my macbook to see what all the buzz was about...surf the forums etc. Had a hell of a time getting it going. Still doesn't work right in my opinion.

So I was poking around on another clearnet site and double clicked a .onion link on accident and the webpage loaded. Of course the URL was titled ajdklfjal.onion.id. (safari) I then clicked on the forum link that was on the page and was met with an error through cloudflare that showed my IP address pretty plainly and when entered into my url box sent me to the page to change my router settings (yikes). Left immediately.

I then visit the same site that had the url on it...only difference now is that I was accessing it in the tor borwser bundle. So I just kinda did the same thing, double clicked the link etc. However the url is still fdsoifusdnl.onion.id. Clicked the forum link and was sent to a similar error page only this time my IP seems to be hidden. IP entered into the URL box and says "This is a tor exit node"

My question << Clearly it looks like my IP address is hidden through tor. But is it really though?? The actual site realated to the forum I was trying to access still shows klajdfkd.onion.id. And forum still shows an error.

Im familiar with the "anything.onion.id" security risks..."id" obviously means identification or identifier. But does that risk disappear when loaded through the tor browser or does the ".id" still reveal information???

Thanks. Sorry for the long post.

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