I'm not native speaker, so sorry for my english My story is long, but qustion is short, so i combine it: in my oppinion, anonymity is realy important now, but a lot of people ignore it, cause think, that its hard to use soft. I want to help with popularization ideas of TOR in RU segment in Telegram. Its possible with news, information about easy ways to secure personal data. And here is two But: 1)I'm not expert in IT, so original content from me not included 2)I'm not good in other languages But in other hand: 1)I'm sceptic and and analysist a bit, so always(when its important) when i find new info, i try to check it(Panorama taught me that) 2)Even i cant understand something(novel in other language or spec info), i am not stop, i am trying to find another еxplanation

So, im thought, i need some advises about good sourses(yep, im entusiast, who want to start without good experience)


There is a lot here so I am going to focus on this comment because I think this is what you are asking, "I want to help with popularization ideas of TOR in RU segment in Telegram."

The most important thing is to help people understand what is Tor and how is it used?

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