I need to download set of files, it's easy to do in queue with downthemall addon (concurrent download setting = 1) . Is it safe to get the files with addon, will it still save via Tor? Will the file fingerprints still match? I do not download large files that affect Tor network, just small ones because I already have a slow internet connection.


Short answer: Yes, it still uses Tor.

Long answer: I have tested this using a completely different method to the one outlined below. I just used DownThemAll! to download the Tor Project test page. First, I did a baseline test using curl with Tor (curl https://check.torproject.org/ -x socks5:// -o test_withtor.html) and without (curl https://check.torproject.org/ -o test_withouttor.html), just to verify that the test page works in downloaders. The respective pages showed that they were and weren't using Tor. So that part works.

Then, I added https://check.torproject.org/ as a DTA! download. Opened the downloaded file, and: enter image description here Success!

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