There is this website https://b-ok.cc/s/ I was using to download some book I needed. This website has a daily limit of 5 book downlods per day and it does this by tracking the IP I was using. So I switched to Tor browser hoping that this time my IP will be hidden and will be able download more. To my surprise, the website could still recognise me only this time with a different IP.

My question is, how is this website able to recognise my connection even after using a Tor browser

Edit: To recreate this, go to https://b-ok.cc/s/ and download 5 books. On your 6th download you will receive a warning that says "WARNING: There are more than 5 downloads from your IP during last 24 hours."

  • I would like the answer to this question, too. – Gabi May 13 at 14:52

Maybe you've got a TOR-NODE IP which already had downloaded 5 books these day. Just check if the 2 ips are the same. I bet these are not. The ip is just blocked too its not about you ;)

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