when you browse a hidden service which is not there anymore you can see two different error messages.

  1. English: Server Not Found / Hmm. We're having trouble finding that site. German: Server nicht gefunden / Seite wurde nicht gefunden

  2. English: Problem loading page / The connection has timed out German: Seiten-Ladefehler / Fehler: Netzwerk-Zeitüberschreitung

I understand how DNS is working and i think i understand how the connection from a user to a hidden service is working.

As far as i understand it the first error message means that the client is searching for a specific onion address on the responsible HSDir relays but none of these relays have the descriptor of that hidden service so they are not answering (or are they answering with a message that they dont have that hidden service descriptor?)

The second error message means that the responsible HSDir relays for that specific onion address are pointing to the responsible introduction point(s) (guard) of that hidden service but when the client is waiting for a message from the hidden service (from the chosen rendezvous point) he dont receive one.

Can someone tell me if i understood it right?

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