i've downloaded Tor browser on my computer however, i can't find the setup file, after i've un-tarred the zipped file, it shows a file which is "Star-tor-browser.desktop" but no setup file found, now i though that it has something to do with running the Kali Linux from VM Virtual box so i've booted it from USB drive and downloaded tor browser again but still didn't find the setup file, can you guys please help me figure this out ?, i've tried to download various versions "32 bit and 64bit" for both windows and Linux but i can't find the setup file.

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  • there is no "setup file"... just extract the whole .tar.xz-archive (folder Browser and start-tor-browser.desktop): the folder contains the complete software and start-tor-browser.desktop is the launcher you have to start. that's it, no bells and whistles, no fiddling around. – DJCrashdummy 18 hours ago

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