I accidentally resized tor browser.

How to change back to default size without restart?


If you're on Linux you can use wmctrl. You may need to install it first. You can use a command like:

wmctrl -r Tor -e 0,0,0,1000,600

See man wmctrl for more on how to use it. In the example, "Tor" is a substring that should find and isolate your window (unless it appears in more than one). 1000,600 appears to be the default window geometry, but may vary based on platform and screen resolution.


The simplest way is opening a new plain window, e.g. using Ctrl+N.

Then, you can place the old window above the new one in one corner and resize it to fit the corner on the other side. This is very easy with "sticky" window borders (configurable depending on the used desktop environment).

Afterwards, you can close the plain window again.

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