Is it possible to cycle your selected introduction points after X time has passed so new introduction points can be selected? If so, how would I achieve this either within the current functionality of Tor or with some sort of external script/add-on?

You may ask why would I need this? I operate a small hidden service that has been subject to a Tor DoS attack recently, along with some more prominent ones, which was overloading my Tor process at 100% CPU, it was possible to prevent this by excluding the relay the attack was being sent through via the node's fingerprint. The attacker then changed up their method of attack and I do not see anything in my logs anymore, however the service is completely unavailable. I shared debug logs with Tor project and there was nothing identified. It has been suggested that the introduction points could be identified and attacked. I want to test this theory and see what the outcome will be. Please someone with any knowledge on this provide some insight into how this could be achieved, thanks!

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