please could you assist me in regards to installing tor properly and keepping it persistent, as I have had countless problems trying to install the Tor Browser,

I am currenlty using Parrotsec OS Home 4.5.1, upon trying to install Tor for the first time via the pre-installed Tor browser luancher icon, tor started to download but got stuck at 66% of the download completion,

I then tried to download it again via the Tor browser launcher, however this time it would state " verifying signiture" and then quit the installation, I tried this serveral times on various ocautions spaning three days without any resolve.

Due to my frustration, I then opted to download the Tor browser package from Tors officail site, upon installing the package it was installed succesfully however I discovered that the installation was not persistant, as every I tried to use Tor i had to manually re-install the downloaded package instead of clicking on the Tor browser icon pre-installed on my OS.

I then decided to uninstall Tor and re-try to download it via the pre-installed Tor Browser luancher on my system which still did not work as the installation would quit upon trying to verify signiture.Evenly I came across a command to fix the error which solved the verying signiture error...

Command being * rm -r ~/.config/torbrowser ~/.cache/torbrowser ~/.local/share/torbrowser *

Upon lunching the Tor browser installer it downloaded and completed fine, however after the download was complete I tried to luanch the browser via the Tor browser icon, only to find that it would being to reinstall and download Tor browser once again instead of luanching the browser, I the opted to reboot the system and re-install it via the Tor browser launcher, upon completion it would not launch Tor but instead keep stating " Downloading Tor for the first time" of which I had downloaded 3 to 4 times without resolve...

Please could you assist me in installing the Tor Browser properly as so I could luanch it via the Browser icon, instead of re-installing the package manually everytime I need to use Tor.

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