I am getting the following error when I try to open tor:


Tor unexpectedly exited. This might be due to a bug in Tor itself, another program on your system, or faulty hardware. Until you restart Tor, the Tor Browser will not be able to reach any websites. If the problem persists, please send a copy of your Tor Log to the support team.

  • Do you have an anti-virus software installed? – Jens Kubieziel Feb 26 at 19:45
  • Can you add to your question your Tor logs? That could help us answer your question – NeverMine17 Feb 27 at 7:39
  • Just visit Fix Windows update error code 8007000e to get the required solutions in this regarding. – Merry Watson Feb 27 at 11:26
  • 1
    Please describe how your answers help to resolve the question and also give more explanation. Links to other sites might disappear, so it is better to have the explanation here. – Jens Kubieziel Feb 27 at 12:22

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