I was trying to download some videos which are restricted in my country. Sometimes there are some websites which are also restricted. I tried to integrate IDM into th ToR Browser. I failed. Is there any way I can do it?

Is there any other video downloader for ToR especially?


First of all, you should NOT use any add-ons in Tor, except for those that are included it Tor Browser (such as NoScript, HTTPSEverywhere and other privacy related add-ons).
This answer by user HoundCat explains it really well:

Just keep in mind that whether you use plugins or addons, many of them perform background operations communicating with remote servers. Unless you know exactly where the traffic is going and coming from as well as the transport layer being used to transmit and receive the data associated with the plugin or addon, you can't be sure that what is passing to and from your system is being channeled through tor and the corresponding relays. Without knowing all of that, it's best to keep the plugin and addon usage down to a minimum if using at all. I would recommend to refrain from using any while navigating with/through tor, and revisit where you can later with the standard browser when not connected through the tor network if you want or need to used any plugins or addons. Of course that would exclude any tor specific network locations such as .onion sites, but I'm sure you'd hate to expose yourself when you're trying to be anonymous. It's definitely a sticky situation, but always better to exercise caution when unsure (aka better safe than sorry). Some of the comments above are really useful such as reviewing a short list of must-have add-ons to keep them down to a minimum and to know that they are safe.


As I realized, the sites does not allow scripts to be loaded. A suggestion: Use a normal browser which enables JavaScript with TOR. For example, while TOR Browser is running, start a FireFox and set SOCKS proxy in FireFox which does not have the TOR Browser restrictions. FireFox proxy Settings with TOR Browser

But if the site bans TOR IP (Such as what Google does), check out the integration of TOR + VPN in my blog.

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