I downloaded the executable to install TOR. After the installation, it tries to connect and run TOR. After a long wait, the message I get it it cannot connect to the TOR control port.


Adding to question: Trying to run TOR Version 8.0.6 on a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 Home edition. I turned off my firewall & closes the program, same results, TOR initial window comes up and sits there, after awhile I get the control port message. HELP!!!

  • Hello @Ira Ziegelbaum, I would like to help you, but I'm afraid I can't. If you ask a vague question, you’ll get a vague answer. But if you give more details and context, people can provide a useful answer. Any bit of information can help! – NeverMine17 Feb 22 at 12:00
  • Sorry, don't know what else to add. The log is 0 bytes, no information in the log, it's empty. The screen sits there and then I get the "cannot connect to TOR control port. I am not familiar with TOR, have never used it. What can I send you that would help? Thanks for responding back. – Ira Ziegelbaum Feb 23 at 5:31
  • Thats really strange, can you say what OS you are using, if you use tor browser or not, and if you use Tor Browser, what version. Also, don't forget to edit the question to add the details. – NeverMine17 Feb 23 at 9:52
  • If you don't mind asking, what country are you from and what is your ISP? Your ISP maybe blocking Tor traffic. – NeverMine17 Feb 23 at 18:49
  • USA, Optimum (Cablevision) – Ira Ziegelbaum Feb 23 at 19:51

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