I'll admit I have little experience with tor, DDG, or such levels of privacy. I was using DDG on Tor, when I received a message saying: "We've detected that you have connected over Tor. There appears to be an issue with the Tor Exit Node you are currently using. Please recreate your Tor circuit or restart your Tor browser in order to fix this." Could this just be an issue with the connection from the exit node, or could DDG have blacklisted the node? Could this mean my browsing could have been compromised?

  • I’m not sure exactly why you saw this message, but I wouldn’t worry about your anonymity. It’s more likely that they were getting excessive abuse from this exit node and blocked it. – Steve Feb 8 at 4:02
  • In response to "Steve's" comment, would excessive abuse means malicious attempts to send malicious data or retrieve information? If this was attempted, would DDG blocking it mean I should be fine, or was it possible these malicious attempts were successful? Thank you for your help and I invite anyone else's input. – 2121 Feb 10 at 19:01

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