What are the chances or probability that a number of Tor exit nodes actively log all packet traffic or actively use ssl-stripping scripts? After putting some confidential personal info on a website using HTTPS I regret doing so as I had not yet learned that exit nodes can use SSLSTRIP to unencrypt my data. A man in the middle attack is one thing that I may have been lucky enough to bypass if the exit node wasn't currently using a form of SSL unencryption, although the next problem is what about logs? I'm worried that someone may have used something like wireshark or whatever else, and now may have my personal info saved.

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    If you know you were on the correct website (the address was correct) and that you were using TLS/HTTPS, then your plaintext information was not seen by the exit relay. SSLstrip only works if you start with a non-TLS connection, since it will prevent your browser from being upgraded to a TLS connection. The Tor Browser also comes with HTTPS Everywhere, which afaik makes SSLstrip attacks more difficult on supported sites. – Steve Feb 1 at 21:57

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