I believe outproxy to Tor network is safer than outproxy to normal Internet.
So, is more I2P outproxy available for Tor than false.i2p?


The default port 4444 has the outproxy "false.i2p" but I check then I find out The default port 4445 has the outproxy "outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p".
When I try to use as the proxy for Tor-Browser, I get a lot better experience than use


Well, the ones you've mentioned - are very long-term ones and yes, they are using Tor. I2P has got some good amount of non-public outproxies, and that is how it has to be:

  • Same as Tor's exit nodes, outproxies are diversifying the ways/IP zones of the exiting traffic
  • Instead of Tor, private outproxy can be easily specified on-flight and used by the I2P client natively, there's no private ExitNode in Tor, sadly - and using proxy/VPN as a hidden service has some additional work to do and has nothing in common with the Tor itself
  • I used to spot some in I2P directories - check them

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