I've generated private key and hostname to my onion domain using scallion, and I have tried to copy and paste it into the hidden service directory, to the "hostname" and "privatekey" files, but wheb I tried to start tor it showed me an error. scallion generated for me 13 keys and domains, but none of them worked. I copied the hostname and got down a line, and I entered the private key including "----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----" and the same but to the end "end rsa...", but it didn't work. Does anybody ever tried host hidden service on windows and change hostname? what am I doing wrong?

(tor configure to the right folder directory)

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  • What is the error? – Michael Hampton Jan 8 at 17:47
  • I tried to change onion domain to one I have generated using scallion, and when I restarted TOR it returned error. – A.naam 2 days ago
  • But you need to say what the error is! – Michael Hampton 2 days ago

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