Is it possible to exclude specific site from TOR connection? Like if i want to exclude only google from TOR.


Yes... Two ways.

  1. Since on most installs, only the TorBrowser goes through Tor, just open google in chrome.
  2. If you don't like [1] you could install FoxyProxy and configure a rule to bypass the Tor Proxy ( when connected to https://*.google.com
  3. Just use duckduckgo since it works with Tor anyway.

My opinion is that [1] is far better than [2], since [2] fingerprints your Tor instance which will go a step towards de-anonomizing you. Unless your running Tails or Whonix your OS is already sending multiple TCP/UDP connections out while your on Tor anyway. It is just hard to impossible for most to correlate the traffic.

Best bet would be to use [3].

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