Is it possible to exclude specific site from TOR connection? Like if i want to exclude only google from TOR.

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Yes... Two ways.

  1. Since on most installs, only the TorBrowser goes through Tor, just open google in chrome.
  2. If you don't like [1] you could install FoxyProxy and configure a rule to bypass the Tor Proxy ( when connected to https://*.google.com
  3. Just use duckduckgo since it works with Tor anyway.

My opinion is that [1] is far better than [2], since [2] fingerprints your Tor instance which will go a step towards de-anonomizing you. Unless your running Tails or Whonix your OS is already sending multiple TCP/UDP connections out while your on Tor anyway. It is just hard to impossible for most to correlate the traffic.

Best bet would be to use [3].

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