For reasons in the below article, we NOW need to protect our BIOS! How can we do this?

“Although most BIOS have protections to prevent unauthorized modifications, the researchers were able to bypass these to reflash the BIOS and implant their malicious code. ….. gain high-level system privileges for their BIOS malware to undermine the security of specialized operating systems like Tails—used by journalists and activists for stealth communications and handling sensitive data.”

This is a must read: https://www.wired.com/2015/03/researchers-uncover-way-hack-bios-undermine-secure-operating-systems/

The article continues on to reveal many other vulnerabilities in BIOS, to include a hack known “LightEater”. Unfortunately there are no known fixes or protections WE can do, nor does it mentioned which BIOS are the most secure.

  • LightEater isn't an exploit, it's just a concept. There are no defenses against an owned BIOS. In many of their examples they use physical access to flash malicious firmware to the device. I'd argue that defenses against firmware attacks would be better directed at Security StackExchange, as they're not specific to Tor. – cacahuatl Dec 12 '18 at 20:51

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