I have recently bought an Apple IPad that uses mostly cellular data. I bought the device so I could travel with my husband on his semi truck and not have to worry about having a WiFi signal.

1st I am not sure what version of Tor to dl. I tried the IOS/Mac and it did dl but just disappeared to where, I never found??.

2nd And most important I believe, will Tor run without a WiFi connection?

I truly appreciate you folks being here to help for beginners like me! Thank you.


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Tor on iOS is impossible! ...whether you use cellular data, WiFi or landline. :-p

macOS and iOS are two different operating systems.
Tor resp. TorBrowser is available for Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, GNU/Linux and Android (the Tor-equivalent on Android is Orbot) but not iOS.

there are some third party browsers in the app-store using Tor, but it is questionable how trustworthy they are! not to mention that most (if not all) are closed source.

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