The new version of Tor-8.0 and above having some problem's with the recompiling. before the new version i used to download the source code, change it(change the number of node's for example) and recompile it with MinGW 32 bit. after the recompile i have a new tor.exe file and i switch it with the tor.exe file that comes with the regular Tor-Browser installation C..\..\Desktop\Tor Browser\Browser\TorBrowser\Tor- does not matter if it is 32 bit Tor or 64 bit Tor installation.

now, after the new update 8.0 and above while I'm doing the thing with the recompile it is working for the 32 bit installation only but not for the 64 bit installation. I'm trying to install the MinGW-W64 but it's not working.

I really need help with that.

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