Each time I tried to ask something, I'm redirected to a captcha telling me that I'm not using the last Orfox Version. but I've the both Orfox with one named Alpha and the other simply Orfox. Both are configured into the Tor setting page for applications like each of my others apps and my fee VPN expess if I'm correct, and I went to asked a question about the Version and the security through my VPN, since I've read the two following answers, I need a VPN, and it's unsafe to run through a VPN with Orbit for Android on my marshmallow Alcatel New poor device I've been obligated to buy after a theft and I'm gonna have a new Samsung Océanblue27 I still have but not yet used So, two questions, what's the Orfox Version I might have to desinstal, and does my VPN is a safe option and maybe is it safe to have configured all my device through Tor??? I'm completely blocked.But I've the congregations page with my new IP when I push the Orfox button into Tor Orbot for Android. Thanks for quickly answering my questions. I'm completely lost.

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