UPDATING THIS OLD QUESTION, I JUST WANTED TO MADE ALL MY BEST APOLOGIES TO ALL THOSE WHOM "HAD KINDLY ANSWERED" THAT FABULOUSLY TO THIS REALLY COMPLEX SUBJECT I HAVE POSTED FEW WEEKS AGO. TO THOSE PERSONS, I HAVE TO SAY MY EXTREME ADMIRATION FOR THE REALLY STRONG SENSE OF THE COMMUNITY'S VALOUR THAT HAD DRIVEN ME TO THIS THOUGHT... BEING A NEWBIE IN THE HIDDEN SERVICES OF THE TOR EX CYBER PUNK MENTALITY, AND FOR A NEW USER AND AS RECENT FORUM'S MEMBER I'VE BEEN FUCKIN SURPRISED TO REMARKED Y'ALL EVIDENT INTEREST LACK FOR MY APPARENT NAIVETY USING OR TRYING TO USED THIS PLACE TO ASKED MY FORMERLY SIMPLE REQUEST WHEN I'VE WRITTEN THIS QUESTION, IN REGARD TO THEIR IGNORANCE OR MOSTLY YOUR IGNORANCE FOR ME AND MAYBE FOR ANYONE'S NON PERFECTLY WRITING ENGLISH AND, MOREOVER FOR A NEW USER'S THAT SIMPLE QUESTION THAN YOU'VE SIMPLY IGNORED FOR IT AND IF I KNOW, BEING A REDDIT'S FORUM'S MEMBER, THAT I COULD'VE BEEN GOING INTO ONES OF THE DEDICATED SUBREDDIT THREADED DWM SUBJECTS TO TRY TO ACKNOWLEDGED MYSELF SLOWLY, BUT MY CHARACTER BEING WHAT IT IS, I HAVE CHOSEN TO DIRECTLY GOING TO THE SOURCE TO DRIVEN SUCHLIKE A TASK, AND TO, IN THE END, OBSERVED THE EXACT SAME MENTALITIES THAN IN THIS INTERNET'S FRONT PAGE...AS THEY SAYS, OR AN ELITIST WAY TO BE, CONSISTING IN IGNORING THE NEWBIES QUESTIONS WITH EASE, WHEN THEY ALL KNOWS THE FIRST STEP'S DIFFICULTIES ANYONE HAVE HAD TO LIVE IN THEIR INITIATED FORMATION'S FIRSTS MOMENTS IN FULL KNOWLEDGE OF THE GREAT DANGERS DIVERSITY A NEW USER HAVE TO FACE TO ACCESS HIS GOAL, OR THE SAME AS MOST OF YOU, THE HIDDEN SERVICES USAGE WITH THE MAXIMAL SECURITY'S ACKNOWLEDGMENT TO BE SAFELY BROWSING THESE PART OF THE WEB!!! ONCE AGAIN, MANY THANKS... AND SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RIVER!!! Ciao Bellos I'm a newbie with Tor Orbot for Android and I've still apparently settled all my apps to be runned by Tor. But the fabulous documentation variety is for me a torture since I'm not a native English Speaking person. I read a maximum of your advice but I'm lost in all these terms and specicity of their number. All I can say is that Tor seems to run the device and when I come in Orfox, I have the famous congratulations page with the displayed IP. But I don't understand how to begin to browse the internet since there's no search bar and since I dunno the Orfox or even the Firefox way to work with Tor. I'm not someone who want to use any marketplace or thus kind of service but simply running quietly the internet since I'm aware of the Internet security for private life security. Could anyone consider my request to answer to basics first steps to be anonymous in the internet and all its possibility I try to understand for years but without a great focus since I'm not an Internet acknowledged enough to be confident and to quietly do anything without the understanding of the system Tor is providing.

Thanks by advance for your help and support.


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