So I have a Xperia Live and I'm using Orbot-Orweb.And I want to save images (from Google,DA,etcetera) How can I do it?Normally all I have to do is long click on an image.Now what?


This isn't possible in Orweb. It is a very basic browse that lacks features like saving images.

If you want to be able to do this there are two possibilities:

  1. Use Firefox Mobile and configure it using our Privacy Enhanced instructions.

  2. Try the development builds of our new Firefox-based secure browser, named Orfox.

    This is development/debug grade technology and has not been fully tested! Do not use for strong anonymity or security


While this isn't working now you might be able to just take a screen shot using your phone as a workaround, having a similar effect, even if using Orfox of course is the better way.

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