Okay so I'm fairly new to actually using Tor, but I have known about it for years. I have read many things on how to stay secure and anonymous while on Tor. I also have the Tor browser security settings on max, so the safest ones yet also the strictest. My question is how come when i visit a .onion address such as the hidden wiki why is it when i click on the information button on the left of the address bar say your connection is not secure or encrypted? Should i be worried and mainly how do i fix this ,or am i just worrying to much and this is just normal? I'm just excited and want to explore the deep web ,but more importantly do it securely and anonymously. So i will delay my exploration until this issue is resolved. Thank you all in advanced if you can help me with this issue have a great day.

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Every connection to a hidden service is anonymous and encrypted. This is just a UX bug.

The absence of a lock (or a "secure connection" message) just means that the site you're connected to doesn't uses TLS. However since your connecting to the site using a hidden service, the connection is encrypted no matter if TLS is used or not.

The UX of this has been improved in the current alpha version of Tor (See Ticket)

Screenshot of new UX


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