I had previously built a static Tor lib on tag in MinGW previously with the following configure:

LIBS=-lcrypt32 ./configure --prefix=$PWD/dist \
                            --disable-gcc-hardening \
                            --enable-static-tor \
                            --enable-static-libevent \
                            --with-libevent-dir=$PWD/../libevent/dist \
                            --enable-static-openssl \
                            --with-openssl-dir=$PWD/../openssl/dist \
                            --enable-static-zlib \
                            --with-zlib-dir=$PWD/../openssl/dist \

This of course assumes I have statically built all those deps which I have. Now on tag, I can successfully build using the same command. But when I try to link with my program, I get all sorts of errors like:

c:/my/path/tor-static/tor/src/or/libtor.a(main.o): In function `shutdown_did_not_work_callback':
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:742: undefined reference to `tor_fix_source_file'
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:742: undefined reference to `tor_assertion_failed_'
c:/my/path/tor-static/tor/src/or/libtor.a(main.o): In function `directory_all_unreachable_cb':
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:1073: undefined reference to `log_fn_'
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:1078: undefined reference to `tor_fix_source_file'
c:/my/path/tor-static/tor/src/or/libtor.a(main.o): In function `TO_ENTRY_CONN':
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/or.h:1964: undefined reference to `tor_fix_source_file'
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/or.h:1964: undefined reference to `tor_assertion_failed_'
c:/my/path/tor-static/tor/src/or/libtor.a(main.o): In function `check_fw_helper_app_callback':
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:2202: undefined reference to `tor_check_port_forwarding'
C:\my\path\tor-static\tor/src/or/main.c:2207: undefined reference to `smartlist_free_'

This is when including (along with the deps) ext/ed25519/ref10/libed25519_ref10.a, ext/ed25519/donna/libed25519_donna.a, trunnel/libor-trunnel.a, ext/keccak-tiny/libkeccak-tiny.a, common/libcurve25519_donna.a, common/libor.a, common/libor-crypto.a, common/libor-ctime.a, common/libor-event.a, and or/libtor.a.

What library am I not including? Or is this a bug?

  • This might be due to the order of my libs in LD...still investigating... – Chad Retz May 17 '18 at 16:06

First MinGW has a current bug which can be solved, as mentioned here, by downgrading some libs using:

pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/mingw-w64-x86_64-crt-git-
pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/mingw-w64-x86_64-headers-git-
pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/mingw-w64-x86_64-winpthreads-git- /var/cache/pacman/pkg/mingw-w64-x86_64-libwinpthread-git-

You have to recompile everything once those have been fixed.

Then, I had my libs in a bad order. Assuming `%TOR_STATIC% is set as the base dir w/ tor and other deps beneath, here are a set of LDFLAGS, one per line:

-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/or -ltor
-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/common -lor -lor-crypto -lcurve25519_donna -lor-ctime -lor-event
-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/trunnel -lor-trunnel
-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/ext/keccak-tiny -lkeccak-tiny
-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/ext/ed25519/ref10 -led25519_ref10
-L%TOR_STATIC%/tor/src/ext/ed25519/donna -led25519_donna
-L%TOR_STATIC%/libevent/dist/lib -levent
-L%TOR_STATIC%/xz/dist/lib -llzma
-L%TOR_STATIC%/zlib/dist/lib -lz
-L%TOR_STATIC%/openssl/dist/lib -lssl -lcrypto
-lws2_32 -lcrypt32 -lgdi32

Those flags will link in Tor statically to the exe.

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