Since I've been using the Tor Browser, I am unable to access my router at Is this merely a coincidence or an unfortunate side effect of using the Tor Browser. I'd like to avoid doing a "factory reset" to access my router. Any suggestions?

  • my router ports were closed and i cannot re open even after deleting the TOR file and pc's on this lan use designated ports and it is closed and can not reconfigure ... i did not find an uninstall so i deleted the files and still can not have access to my router Sep 26, 2019 at 19:07

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When you access a site via the Tor Browser it sends you traffic through different servers to ensure your anonymity. This means that you cannot access any computers on your local network - including your router as it tries to send the data via Tor. To fix this simply use another browser for accessing your local network.

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You can use Tor to access your router.

In Tor go to Options > Advanced > Network > Settings, at "No proxy for:" you should add the local address of your router.

The Tor proxy will just ignore your router address, and you will connect direct to it only.

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