i have installed tor and torrequest package for python. while working with torrequest package from python i faced the problem that

OSError: 'tor' isn't available on your system. Maybe it's not in your PATH?

here is what i enter the python code

with TorRequest() as tr:

and it raised the error i installed tor browser what should i do ? do i need some other package to work with it


After skimming what I believe is the TorRequests source code, it looks like you either need to

  1. properly point TorRequests at Tor Browser's ControlPort and SocksPort, or
  2. add tor.exe to your path so TorRequests can launch Tor itself.

Option 1 is easier.

The example in the README tells you how to specify the socks and control port to use.

Tor Browser opens a SocksPort on 9150 by default and a ControlPort on 9151 by default.

(To the best of my knowledge, TorRequests is not created by anyone associated with the Tor Project)

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