OK so I'm fairly new but a very fast learner and I investigate everything before I jump and do something. So my questions is this:

What's the best set-up?

I have a Mac and was thinking of just running Tails, since Mac is clean, and Wi-Fi is public.

Now I'm reading so much on Mac vulnerabilities along with Tails own vulnerabilities. Then I see to make sure to use a VPN among other set-ups.

Somebody help me out. What's the easiest set-up that gives me invisibility?

I have a Mac and other computers and I can learn any OS or program.

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The Tor Browser should be sufficient on any platform.

But any answer depends on what kind of attacks you want to protect yourself against. I recommend to read Assessing Your Risks by the EFF.

This site also contains a good tutorial on how to use the Tor Browser.


What's the easiest set up that gives me invisibility?

Anonymity online is what Tor is created for, and the Tor Browser is the flagship product of the Tor Project. However, there are measures to take to make it even more secure:

  • Click the Tor button > Security Settings and set the security level to the safest: enter image description here
  • Use bridge relays. It makes it more difficult for censors to block Tor or identify you.

  • Install Tor to a USB drive, take it with you anywhere you wish, and you will be harder to trace. If you want a portable Tor-enabled operating system, then Tails is your best bet.

Then I see to make sure to use a vpn among other set ups.

You don't really need to combine Tor and a VPN. Look at the following Q & A:
Can I use a VPN with Tor?

I have mac and other computers and I can learn any os or program

Here's a step-by-step guide to using Tor on different operating systems:
How to Circumvent Internet Censorship with Tor

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