So as a new user that is interested in using Tor, is it really as simple and just downloading the package and then using firefox like normal?

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For most normal use cases, downloading TBB and using it out of the box is sufficient, plus the non-technical behavioral change (learning how not to stand away from the crowd, how not to be easily track-able, and not to make mistakes that can lead to identify you).

The Tor project website has a list of warnings that is useful, plus there's a good community (eg.) that can help along the path.. Yyeah, for most cases, the Tor project is making a great effort to make Tor usable out of the box (keeping that in mind while configuring NoScript, for example)...


You wouldn't "use firefox like normal", what you do is download and install the Tor Browser Bundle and then start Tor Browser. (The Tor Browser is based on Firefox and so it looks similar, but it's not the normal Firefox you may already have installed on your system).

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