If Tor would be backed by government (https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-03-02/tor-project-almost-100-funded-us-government-report), which approach would they need to take to technically be able to detect where is the traffic coming from? The article it self is a bit absurd, but non the less.

  • Tor development is funded by them, the network itself is run by volunteers, like me and others. Note that Signal, Qubes, Tails and many other secure software and networking programs are all government funded as well. It's not actually uncommon or directly a sign of a problem. As much as the government could de-fund the tor project, they couldn't easily compromise it. See my thought on it here. – cacahuatl Mar 4 '18 at 0:08

A large part of their operations revolve around balancing the "accounting" of things. Only for themselves however they understand karma and Justice they misapply it for their own ends.

Projects like these build the U.S. moles around the world even within so called friendly "democracies". As well as establish the U.S. as the Human Rights capital of the world despite it's own horrendeous track record. So they allow whatever to happen over Tor. (Mostly FBI run stuff when once they groom system admins to take the fall)

The Tor Project uses talking points memos all the time especially Iran, like they would be trying to crack Iran for freedom with Tor and not for the selfish desires of the U.S. government, you know? Everything is similar to these but will never be explained.


Yes but likely not in the sinister sort of way you're thinking. The military has a significant interest in secure communications without attributability. For example, if you have a mole in ISIS you'd want a good way to communicate with them anonymously. Also, say you have a spy in Russia, you'd want an anonymous way to communicate with them. The US could certainly build these tools themselves but then it would be connected to the US and it would be a known tool that would make attribution easy. The fact that millions of other people also use TOR helps make TOR a better tool for spies and the like to use. The Russian government has no idea of a random TOR user is a spy or just a kid trying to buy drugs on the internet.

Tor Devloper Roger Dingledine alludes to this and speaks about government use of /involvement with TOR in his Defcon talk Next Generation Tor Onion Services

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