Is it anonymous if I try to connect to a clearnet FTP server over Tor Browser with a username and password, assuming the username and password does not contain my identity?

Will it leak my IP or other information about me like BitTorrenting does?

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No, it's safe. Keep in mind that you need to use enforced "passive FTP" mode because you will have only one-way connection originating from you via Tor, so both data and command streams are obliged to be inside this one connection. FTP - instead of BitTorrent - talks just to the server it is connecting to in the way you're exactly told it to do so, and that makes it safe.


It is not safe to use ftp over TOR. It will not leak your IP, but ftp is a clear-text-protocol. So your ftp username and password can easily be sniffed from the TOR exit node - using tcpdump or similar tools.

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