I have an application that I run that is security minded. It runs Tor and i was wondering if OBFS4 was added to tor before or after this version, does anyone know?

(its daemon and runs in background so its not like i can check the drop-down.)

I have checked google and didn't see anything there and have also done a quick search on tor's website.

  • If your application is security minded, you should probably be running the latest version of Tor. Commented Dec 22, 2017 at 1:16

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obfs4 is a distinct program.

tor is normally configured to launch and manage a copy of the obfs4 program which provides a SOCKS interface for Tor to connect to a bridge over.

obfs4 is a "Pluggable Transport", meaning it follows the Pluggable Transport Specification.

Tor supports pluggable transports.

However if the device is "security minded", as you claim, it should not be running old and unpatched versions of Tor like The 0.2.5.x series is on as there have been numerous security patches since

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