I am trying to use Tallow to circumvent blocking on the wifi network I am using. However, TOR is blocked, so a bridge is needed. The TOR browser works with the meek-amazon setting, but how do I edit the Tallow torrc file to work in the same way?

All the info I have found is for the TOR browser. Can anyone help?

  • Tallow isn't developed, supported or recommended by the Tor Project.
    – cacahuatl
    Nov 17, 2017 at 19:28

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You need to define 3 things in your torrc configuration file:

  1. ClientTransportPlugin to give Tor a name and a path to an executable to act as the pluggable transport. You can find the pluggable transport executables in the Tor Browser package. It takes the form ClientTransportPlugin transport exec path-to-binary [options]

e.g. ClientTransportPlugin obfs4 C:\Users\user\obfs4proxy.exe

  1. UseBridges to tell Tor to use bridges. It takes the form UseBridges 0|1

e.g. UseBridges 1

  1. Bridge lines that define the bridge to use and the pluggable transport. It takes the form Bridge [transport] IP:ORPort [fingerprint].

e.g. Bridge obfs4 0123456789ABCDEF cert=tMrWpcHsn7buAAS4USGKxKyKEFv9t3HmzfDZ1cLYB0o= iat-mode=0

  • obfs4 exec command is necessary; otherwise, everything works as expected; the list of bridges can be copied from Tor Browser settings ('request new bridges'); the obfs4 executable can be copied directly to Tallow folder to get rid of 'Strange...' error
    – ivan866
    Feb 11 at 10:41

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