I'm trying to share a SocksPort (SocksPort with a mobile device. The mobile device only supports HTTP proxies. It seems polipo used to be supported/promoted[1] by the torproject but based on general search queries, privoxy seems like the better candidate. Can someone weigh the pros/cons of the two and perhaps make a strong argument for one.

[1] https://blog.torproject.org/category/tags/polipo

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Well, privoxy and polipo are basically even: they both have filtering systems inside them, both are HTTP-to-SOCKS tools. In the last beta of tor you have a HTTPS proxy embedded in tor itself, so I'd rather recommend you to use an embedded one. To do so you should add HTTPTunnelPort directive to your torrc like this:


Polipo is a caching proxy. It's goal was to reduce traffic (but in modern world with modern browsers it is nearly useless). Polipo is no longer maintained. Sad but true. Privoxy is a filtering non-caching proxy.

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