I have a Linux VPS. I need to go outside and I try to proxy

export http_proxy=""
export https_proxy=""

But not all agents. I have an nginx that needs access to external data. How can I set up all agents. Go tor or proxy

thank you

  • Tor isn't an HTTP proxy, can you clarify where Tor comes into this at all?
    – cacahuatl
    Oct 29 '17 at 23:12

It depends on what exactly do you need :

  • So if your NGinx itself needs to access the outer world via proxy - it is done via Tor's TransPort port and DNS resolver, it's a way better, because it's protecting you from DNS leaks. The forwarding itself is done via firewall on by-user basis(iptables)
  • If you run something inside NGinx, like PHP or other active content - it's usually done by elaborating stuff like cURL, but if it will lead to a massive code rewrite - firewall forwarding is used as well.

In both cases you don't forward the mandatory connections, like incoming requests, connection between nginx-to-php, php-to-local-mysql etc, but all the rest goes through Tor via firewall rules.

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