It seems torsocks and apt-transport-tor don't have installation candidates in Zesty (17.04). I just spent an hr installing and configuring Zesty to my liking only to find these packages aren't available.

Is it safe to use the xenial/universe repos in a Zesty build? Or does it make more sense to install Xenial (16.xx)? How do I install properly install these packages?

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There are, infact, available for Zesty:

apt-transport-tor and torsocks are both in the 'universe' repo.

If you want to enable the 'universe' repo, try this question on AskUbuntu: How do I enable the “Universe” repository?

  • thank you, it seems i had the universe repos disabled in the "Sortware & Updates" GUI. thanks again!
    – user19548
    Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 18:11

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