I would like to know if it's possible to integrate a download manager with Tor ? I use Free Download Manager and i want to know if i can change something in the parameters of Tor to do it possible ? If it's possible, someone can explain me how ? Thanks.

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For someone reading in 2023:

Free Download Manager now support Socks5 proxy. To access onion download links, just run a Tor Browser and then add Address: and Port: 9150 in your FDM settings:

enter image description here

After that you can paste onion download links in FDM and it will use socks5 proxy to download files.

Disclaimer: I have zero knowledge of Tor and Proxies, I just found this method while messing with tor settings and FDM settings. I am not sure if this is safe or anonymous. I am sharing because it works, but I dont know at what cost. Someone experienced can probably provide input if this method is okay.


Well, Tor is JUST a SOCKS proxy - so make it set into the download manager's settings and you're good to go! A separate remark if you're about to use a download manager from dot-onion sites: make sure they're properly locally resolved and routed to Tor's TransPort


As I've searched HERE, currently FDM does not support SOCKs proxy and it is their TODO list. Therefore you should use some external applications for tunneling the system traffic through TOR (or a specific program) such as Proxifier. You can run TOR browser in order to run the SOCKs proxy on your system, then add the proxy server to Proxifier as below. Proxifier Server Setting.

Then you can add a rule to tunnel FDM traffic through the proxy, as below: Proxifier Rules

However, Proxifier is not free. You can see list of alternative programs in this link.

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