I've upgraded to the new tor bundle several weeks ago and I love it so far. However, since the upgrade, I am no longer able to access my email (AOL webmail). The error I get when I sign in is "Error 1 - COFE error 1714". They suggest I clear cookies, cache and restart in "safe" mode. Below is their suggestion:

Browser security settings sometimes disrupt sign-in. In Internet Explorer, try selecting “Enable Protected Mode” in both the Internet zone and Trusted sites zone. On Firefox, try using Safe Mode. You also might try deleting your browser history. Find this in the “Tools” menu — and make sure to clear (delete) cookies!

Of course I'm OS X 10.7.5 so their solution really doesn't help. Unfortunately, I'm not the most savvy with some of this stuff, but I have some questions:

  1. Is there a work around?
  2. Is there a tor-friendly webmail?

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