To run on Ubuntu just use KVM to run tails?

If you are a bit lazy like me, the idea to reboot your system seems inconvenient. But with the help of QEMU there is an easy to use alternative available. QEMU is a program that allows us to emulate a whole computer inside our running system. Running the Tails system from inside QEMU has it’s drawbacks: If your host system is compromised, so will you virtual machine. The other argument are the traces you may leave behind: But with a full-disk encryption (or even at least for your home-partition), these can be almost mitigated.


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Generally the virtualisation of choice is VirtualBox, see: Tails VirtualBox documentation

However, also heed the warnings. Tails do not recommend using VirtualBox for day-to-day use. It's there mostly to help with testing.

Running Tails inside a virtual machine has various security implications. Depending on the host operating system and your security needs, running Tails in a virtual machine might be dangerous.

It will lose its anti-forensic properties and it will only be as secure, private and anonymous as the host operating system.

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