I recently stumbled upon this online store https://www.faunapparel.com/ (which is a Shopify plateform). Basically, they're detecting your local currency (either CAD, USD, EUR, GBP or AUD) when you're entering the website and they charge you in that currency even if you select a different currency in the dropdown (they only display the currency you select, but they will still charge you in the currency they determined for you).

So how come do they know my currency is CAD even with the Tor browser? (I know they know because there's a message on top of the home page that says "Free shipping for orders of $50CAD or more"). The Tor browser is run with the medium security setting (in order to access the necessary Javascript) and the exit server was in Netherlands.

Any clues?

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CAD is the default and changing the currency in the drop down doesn't affect the displayed message at all.

The site doesn't know, it's purely a coincidence if it is accurately depicting your currency.

I am not in Canada or using a Candian locale and it gives me exactly the same message.currency choice


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