TOR services are blocked in Egypt by the government. Even this website can't be accessed without vpn. Is there away around this? Thanks.


You can use many different bridges to bypass the censorship.
You can learn about them here: https://www.torproject.org/docs/bridges

Also make sure that your Tor Browser Bundle version is the latest. (At the time it is 7.0).
If you can't download directly from https://torproject.org, you can get latest version of Tor by email:
Quoting from https://www.torproject.org/projects/gettor:

Users can communicate with GetTor robot by sending messages via email. Currently, the best known email address to do this is gettor@torproject.org. This should be the most current and stable GetTor robot as it is operated by Tor Project itself.

To ask for Tor Browser, a user should send an email to GetTor robot with one of the following options in the body of the message:

  • windows: If the user needs Tor Browser for Windows.
  • linux: If the user needs Tor Browser for Linux.
  • osx: If the user needs Tor Browser for Mac OS X.

Also you can download it using Twitter:

You can send a direct message to @get_tor account (you don't need to follow). Send the word help in a direct message to learn how to interact with it.

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