I am from a European country, and usually the circuits created by Tor include nearby European countries (although Tor sometimes chooses nodes from remote countries, but this is very rare). My question is: does Tor choose nodes from nearby countries by default?

I understand that maybe this is due to latency: if I am in a European country, and Tor always creates circuits like: Argentina - Azerbaijan - South Africa, the connection will probably go very slowly.

So, does Tor choose nodes from nearby countries by default?

Thanks in advance.

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No, Tor chooses nodes randomly. There are a lot of Tor nodes in Europe. So, you'll often see that your connections are using European nodes. (So does everybody else.)


As Greg Hewgill was saying: No, Tor chooses nodes randomly.
But you can change it easily.

  1. Find where your torrc file is located.
  2. Add a line like that ExitNodes {**} StrictNodes 1.
    Where ** use needed specify needed country by entering its code in ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 format.

Also you could use this for entry nodes. Just simply replace ExitNodes with EntryNodes. You could also enter nodes fingerprint in here (don't write it with curly brackets).
Separate different nodes using comma.

P.S. Thank you, Greg Hewgill to pointing out this for me.

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