I would like to use the tor browser but without the Proxy / Onion element of it. The reason why I would like to do this is because I'd like to use Tor as my main go to browser for normal activities and I have more trust in Tor than in Google Chrome or Mozilla regarding sending private information back from the browser itself (AKA application-level privacy/security).

QUESTION: How can I disable the Proxy part of tor WITHOUT disabling the rest of the security features Tor has?


______[ ATTEMPT# 1]______

Open Menu > Add-ons > Extensions > Disable TorLauncher

After doing this and trying to go on any random URL, I get the following error message:

The proxy server is refusing connections

Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.

  • Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
  • Contact your network administrator to make sure the proxy server is working.

[IMPORTANT NOTE] I already did try disabling the Torbutton add-on as well, and the same error happened. HOWEVER I do not want to disable the Torbutton add-on since it provides important application-level security, which I would like to keep. I just tried disabling it to see if it was causing some indirect issues.

______[ ATTEMPT# 2]______

Open Menu > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings > Selecting "No proxy"

This was done together with keeping TorLauncher disabled. Now I get the following error:

Unable to find the proxy server

Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that can't be found.

  • Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct.
  • Check to make sure your computer has a working network connection.
  • If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Tor Browser is permitted to access the Web.

So it seems that the browser is still looking for a proxy server to connect to, even after I disabled that option in the Network Settings.

I have been trying to find something else that might get the job done, but without success. I am still looking. Would anyone happen to know the solution?