I've downloaded the Windows Tor Browser package from here. I installed the Tor Browser on Windows 10 64-bit. Task Manager shows Tor Browser, tor.exe running as 32 bit processes. The installation process didn't allow me to select 32 or 64 bit. Can Tor Browser run as a 64-bit process on Windows? If so, what must I do to make that happen? My machine has 8GB RAM and I want Tor Browser to have access to 8GB instead of 4GB for 32-bit processes.

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Tor Browser is currently only distributed as a 32bit program for Windows. This is quite common for Windows applications, which natively supports 32bit applications on its 64bit operating system.

Mozilla only started publishing 64bit Firefox for Windows in late 2015 and the Tor Browser team didn't consider the code base stable enough to be a candidate until recently.

It's not currently available but it's likely that they will eventually be introduced.

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