I am trying to start shapeshifter-dispatcher as a standalone proxy on both a server and a client machine to tunnel an OpenVPN connection. However it appears to be able to start only if I select the pluggable transport obfs2, failing when I select others like scramblesuit, meek, obfs4 etc. The following command is what I use on the server:

shapeshifter-dispatcher -server -transparent -ptversion 2 -transports obfs2 -state state -bindaddr obfs2-MY.LAN.IP.HERE:500 -orport

Despite an error claiming I don't have an extended OR address, it starts fine. However when I change the obfs2 text with obfs4, I get the following error:

Error resolving Extended OR address  missing port in address
ServerSetup obfs4- {[{obfs4 map[]}] <nil> }
bindaddr {obfs4 map[]}
launched false []

Also there's no way I am able to enable a more advanced logging to obtain more information.

As far as I get, shapeshifter-dispatcher seems to be the heir of obfsproxy but it's still a bit crude and in alpha stage. Am I right?

EDIT: I managed to get the log to work, and this is what I get:

2017/04/15 12:58:00 [NOTICE]: dispatcher-0.0.7-dev - launched
2017/04/15 12:58:00 [INFO]: shapeshifter-dispatcher - initializing transparent proxy
2017/04/15 12:58:00 [INFO]: shapeshifter-dispatcher - initializing UDP transparent proxy
2017/04/15 12:58:00 [INFO]: shapeshifter-dispatcher - initializing server transport listeners
2017/04/15 12:58:00 [ERROR]: obfs4 transport missing cert argument: map[]
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    Nothing to do with Tor at all.
    – user78
    Apr 15, 2017 at 16:37
  • True, but I thought shapeshifter-dispatcher's application goes beyond tor as stated on pluggabletransports.info. Also, I got pointed here exactly by such website, which I believe is the official reference for the project.
    – Michele
    Apr 19, 2017 at 12:44