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When I click on the video, it just opens a new tab with the same page.

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why this is prevented by TBB on macOS? Those videos a privacy violation? It seems not flash, because I can play it on mobile device.

  • I get an error from their player "app", so js is probably erroring out: TypeError: b.style is undefined I don't know .js well enough to debug it itself.
    – cacahuatl
    Mar 3, 2017 at 6:06

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Their app requires javascript to stream the segments. Eg: https://hdvodsrforigin-f.akamaihd.net/i/vod/sport_clip/2016/12/sport_clip_20161216_090437_v_webcast_h264_,q40,q10,q20,q30,q50,q60,.mp4.csmil/segment7_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28

They could hypothetically be downloaded and watched in VLC, but you'd need to write a script, and deal with whatever captchas / anti-DDOS setup they have, so not worth it probably.

Here is a partial list of segments I got from Chrome: segment7_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment4_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment10_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment12_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment9_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment2_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment5_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment6_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment11_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment3_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment8_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28 segment13_5_av.ts?start=0&end=129.28

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