I need to set TAILS/ TOR to an IP address that resides in the USA. I do not know how to do this. Thank you!


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I think this thread will answer your question. I used Tails only once, but opening a terminal (command prompt window) and typing something like sudo nano /etc/tor/torrc, should help you to add the proper lines (the ones in the other thread)...

Hope this help. Ask if you need more help.


I do not have a lot of experience here. And you have a number of ip addresses that tor connect to before you get to the internet. I dont' know which one you need to be in the US. The first or the exit. But I can tell you that I use bridges from https://bridges.torproject.org/ and most of the good bridge connections seem to start in the US. In otherwords, the bridge is a US ip address that then goes off to two more international addresses before exiting to the internet. If that makes sense. So you may want to try a bridge.

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