Given an app configured to use Orbot's Apps VPN Mode, I am trying to determine how the VPN works. Most of the app's traffic is sent directly to a Tor hidden service the user controls, but some pieces of data are retrieved over https.

  1. Can I be sure that all Internet traffic from the app is going through Tor?
  2. If the app is forwarding some traffic (Bitcoin transactions) to a Tor hidden service (a .onion URL under the user's control), am I correct that there is no MITM concern for that portion of the data?

FYI: I am trying to verify the information in this guide is correct with regards to Orbot: https://github.com/jonathancross/jc-docs/blob/master/Bitcoin_mobile_privacy.md

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  1. Use your own software AP and tcpdump to verify it. In my case it worked fine, but not on device boot-up
  2. In Tor it's impossible to make MitM unless you're doing it directly at the point of dot-onion service host.

the guide you've referenced seems to be sane and working as described

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