I would like to create an private exit node that only I have access, it will be set on my personal computer, then plan to create "exit node" to relatives who live USA and France so I can have a fully encrypted system for use with a vpn without worrying if the site is http or https. It is possible to do or is it safe to create this kind of "private exit node" with only people in my circle of trust, to use database and sensitive data sites?

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    It doesn't sound like you need Tor for this. Just set your PC as a VPN server and limit users by login. Jan 27 '14 at 17:31
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    Since you won't be getting any anonymity out of this (what Tor is designed for) you're just introducing needless latency into your connections. A VPN or encrypted proxy will provide you with what you want.
    – Sam Whited
    Mar 5 '14 at 23:38

Tor does not have a concept of exit nodes that only you can use.

The routing protocol allows for it, but there is no support in Tor or its directory layer for what you ask.

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